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The fast, furious and utterly addictive king of card games for all ages

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Racing Demon

Our hero game, Racing Demon, is a fast, furious and utterly addictive family card game that's easy to learn and can be enjoyed by anyone from 9 - 90.

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Playing Cards

Beautiful, high quality Playing Cards in luxury presentation boxes, great for you or as a gift - whether for Bridge or for playing cards with friends and family.

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Quotes from the press

Daily Mail

"Racing Demon, the fast and frantic card game named because of the pace it’s played at, has been revived for a new generation."

The Telegraph

"Cards are such a simple, versatile form of entertainment that it’s no surprise they remain popular,  suggesting millennials are as keen as any generation to deal a hand, too."

The Jackal Magazine

"If you’re looking for a fun family gift that’ll keep the kids entertained and the parents approving, this is it."

Metro Online

"A sped-up form of multi-player solitaire, Racing Demon has been described as the fastest card game there is."